FROM DAY ONE cumbersome composed broadsides at the Do Lectures USA — gleaning short bits of wisdom, inspiration, amusements from the participants and then, building a wall of the shared vocabulary. Broadsides with attributions are uploaded @johnhenrytweets

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Cumbersome Multiples is a print collective led by artists Daniel Duford and Tracy Schlapp that collaborates with artists and writers to create limited-edition multiples. Cumbersome Multiples’ 1928 C&P clamshell press and a Line-O-Scribe proofing press, a cabinet of movable type and block prints are at the heart of the projects. The history of the
printing press begins with the
dissemination of ideas. Presses have been the hub of a community. Using this antiquated printing technology invites human-scale making which energizes the Cumbersome studio site. Collaboration begins in the studio with the role of lead artist switching based on the particular needs of the project. From there it radiates and evolves to attract more collaborators.

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